18 mmol/L

I read an email from a prospective employer on the train today. I skipped over the insipid pleasantries and my eyes scanned and locked into the word "unfortunately" and did not read any further.

When the train stopped at the city centre, I got out and went to London Drugs. I bought a cold 591 ml bottle of Mountain Dew and walked out of the store. I twisted open the cap, removed my mask, and proceeded to drink whilst walking toward the Expo Line.

I finished the bottle before I got on the train. I got off at Stadium station and bought another 591 ml bottle of Mountain Dew from Rexall. I also finished that off before I got home.

When I scanned my glucose monitor over my sensor, the reading double-beeped a warning. I checked the numbers: my blood glucose soared to 18 mmol/L.

I tossed my glucose monitor back to my medicine drawer and started preparing dinner.