Uniqlo + Marimekko

Whilst shopping for a puffer jacket at Richmond Centre with Shirley, I described to her the perfect and comfy puffer jacket from Uniqlo in collaboration with Finnish designer Marimekko: a red and black cocoon jacket with retro floral prints. I told her I didn't get it at that time because it was for women, but I have been thinking about that jacket ever since.

That was 2 years ago.

"You can wear whatever you want," Shirley said. "No one will know it's for women."

I paused and reflected what she said. I have been wearing women's clothing for drag, and I was afraid to wear a women's floral jacket on a daily basis. A jacket that not only would make me happy, but would also make me comfy and warm. And it fits like a dream.

So I promised myself the next time I go shopping, I would venture over to the women's section and not be afraid to try on women's clothing.